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Hello Kitty Castle - Inflatable Castles

[14 October 2015]
As it’s known to all that hello kitty is one of the most popular cartoons from Japan. Millions of fans around the world are attracted by this adorable girl. She is outgoing, open and clear, warm-hearted, and as well she is good ...

Frequently Questions and Answers of Inflatable Bouncers

[13 October 2015]
Inflatable Bouncers, also known as inflatable jumpers, one kind of inflatable games suitable for 3-16 years old kids. Inflate time often takes 3-5 minutes and deflate time around 10-15 minutes.   With wide range of inflatable b...

Various Giant Inflatables Manufacturer

[12 October 2015]
Inflatables manufacturer are more and more popular among the world because of its advantages and main features of convenience, variety, easier transportation, and widely usage.    With the advertising and entertainment industr...

Giant Inflatables with Those Famous and Wonderful Animals

[12 October 2015]
As it’s known to all that giant inflatables are mainly used in amusement parks and shopping centers because of its huge size.  With the development of tourism, giant inflatables have become the new generation of amusement equi...

The differences between inflatable camping tents and ordinary mental tents

[29 September 2015]
In the past time, when people going for camping, they need to carry a lot of things especially tent which is a necessity. But traditional tents are usually made of mental which are very difficult to carry. Now there are inflatable...

Elements to consider while Choosing China Inflatable Jumping Castles

[29 September 2015]
1. Take color into consideration: young children's awareness is not as perfect and mature as adults. So is often the most bright-colored and most prominent color of China inflatable jumping castles that first got their att...

Fix methods for leakage of inflatable bouncers

[10 September 2015]
It is common that inflatable bouncers of poor quality are easy to leak when children are playing. Or it would sit out after using for a long time. Leak is the most common problem for primary operator. It is   also one of the p...

Awareness before Purchasing Inflatable Castles

[10 September 2015]
With the rise of large inflatable castles industry, more and more people do business of inflatable castles. The order quantity of inflatable castle is also growing. Not only does the competition of inflatable castles business beco...

Maintenance of Giant Inflatables

[09 September 2015]
1. paste requirements First daub glue and cloth evenly on giant inflatables of the paste area, then left to dry for half a minute, and put the cloth sample on the giant inflatables, after pressing it to flat finish paste. 2. ...

Instructions of the Inflatable Castles

[09 September 2015]
1. While using the fan on the inflatable castle, make sure the power voltage is consistent with the product description. Put the inflatable appliance on the ground, if the ground is smooth you can put it directly. If there are ...
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