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Frequently Questions and Answers of Inflatable Bouncers

Inflatable Bouncers, also known as inflatable jumpers, one kind of inflatable games suitable for 3-16 years old kids. Inflate time often takes 3-5 minutes and deflate time around 10-15 minutes.


With wide range of inflatable bouncers and jumpers manufacturer from China, Top has the following FAQ for your reference in purchasing. 


1. How to confirm if the China inflatable bouncer manufacturer qualified?

Since June of 2002, China government has set permit system of inflatable products manufacturer. Thus any manufacturer with inflatable bouncers and jumpers manufacturer should have this special permit. 

2. Price per square meter of inflatable jumpers and bouncers?

In general, we don’t calculate the price only by square meter. At TOP, we count cost according to area, design, shape, size and complexity. 

3. Material of inflatable bouncers and jumpers?

At top, we only use the high quality PVC material for manufacturer, with good features of cold resistance about minus 40, and high resistance to burning, self-extinguish to fire in 5 seconds.

4. Is inflatable bouncers are safe to kids?

Definitely YES. Top uses netted PVC Tarpaulin which is safe to kids and no toxic according to the State Bureau of Technology Supervision.

5. During play, no electricity, any damage to kids?

No damage. Through test, from the top of the inflatable bouncer, for an adult, about 70kg, at least 70 seconds required, thus no damage to kids. 

6. What’s the requirements for the area?

Flat area, no sharps.

7. What if the inflatable bouncer leak?

First of all, the inflatable bouncer is constant inflating system with large air supply. In order to ensure good elasticity, some part of the game is required of air leakage, otherwise too hard inflatable performs worse in entertainment. Second, if the leakage is big, maintenance and repair required, and it’s quite easy. Just like repairing the wheel of a bicycle, use the special pvc material and adhesives.

8. What’s the lifespan of inflatable bouncers?

Generally speaking, one piece of inflatable bouncer can afford 100, 000 times, around three years usage. Under good environment, proper operation and maintenance, the lifespan can be prolong. 


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