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Giant Inflatables with Those Famous and Wonderful Animals

As it’s known to all that giant inflatables are mainly used in amusement parks and shopping centers because of its huge size. 

With the development of tourism, giant inflatables have become the new generation of amusement equipment in parks and shopping malls. Designed especially for kids, it contains lots of shapes and styles in it including slides, bouncers, and various animals, rich in entertainment. In total, giant inflatable is an amusement park features in safety, ornaments, variety and novelty, easier to inflate and deflate, convenient in management and maintenance.  

Here in details, Top have the most famous animal giant inflatables for introduction. Let’s have a look one by one. 

1. Giant inflatable duck or giant inflatable rubber duck

Story background

Rubber duck is firstly known as bath tub toys. When 1992, three 40-foot containers with 29000 Friendly Floatees plastic bathtub toys from a Chinese factory were washed off a ship. As it’s told that Florentijn Hofman created a giant inflatable duck from this Friendly Floatees. 

The biggest Giant inflatable duck from Holland

The biggest Giant inflatable duck is sized of 26*20*32m, created by Florentijn Hofman in 2007. Since then, Hofman took this giant inflatable duck and departure from Amsterdam, in total, it went 13 countries and 22 cities, till August of 2014. Giant inflatable duck is greatly populated among those cities and brought great commercial effects for the local tourism and retail trade.

Meaning of Giant inflatable duck around the world

Since 2007, giant inflatable duck had travelled about the world, every time it arrived in a city, it attracts lots of fans and brought about happiness and entertainment. 

At the same time, rubber duck, as a symbol toy among worldwide kids, it takes inner meanings of borderless communications, symbol of healing and mind relaxing. 

China Giant inflatable duck 

With Florentijn Hofman’s tour, Giant inflatable duck visited three cities in China, Hangzhou, Qsingdao and Guiyang. 

What’s more, the most famous China giant inflatable duck is in Hongkong Victoria Harbor, with more than one month exhibition. 

Apart from what’s told former the giant inflatable duck, there are also giant inflatable swan, giant inflatable rat, giant inflatable pig, giant inflatable snowman, giant inflatable minion, giant inflatable whale, giant inflatable gorilla, giant inflatable dog, giant inflatable cow, giant inflatable monkey, giant inflatable tiger, giant inflatable spider and giant inflatable dragon with very much popularity.


Giant inflatable manufacturer

Nowadays, somewhere in the public, it’s easy to find giant inflatables. Top inflatables in Guangzhou offers several sizes and designs of giant inflatables manufacturer, please don’t hesitate to check the details with us. 


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