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Inflatable Obstacles

Inflatable Obstacles, also called Inflatable Obstacle Courses, produced by Top Inflatable Inc, the professional inflatables manufacturer in China. With the consideration of kids ‘competitive nature are a wonderful game for kids to compete with each other. There are different kinds of obstacles, such as popups, tunnels, runways, rock walls, and slide bars. It’s not only good for kids to race together, it’s also a perfect game for adults to have fun.According to different themes, there are different inflatable obstacles can be used in different events and game centers. Use Top Brand Inflatable obstacles, stimulate your sporting spirits.


China Inflatable Obstacle Course Manufacturer

The most common China inflatable obstacle course are inflatable maze, inflatable water obstacle course, inflatable assault course, and inflatable pool obstacle course. 

Inflatable obstacle course is one kind of racing sports for both kids and adults with kinds of obstacles. It’s good sports with excitement and entertainment, as well it helps to improve all kinds of abilities, physical exercises, analyzing ability and patience. 

With standard 0.55 pvc tarpaulin, inflatable obstacles manufacturer can be designed with different sizes, designs and difficulties. The structure characters are: three passage ways,combination of hurdle, cross, turn, creep, climb and slide. Inflatable obstacle courses are mainly used for adults in exciting sports meeting and outward bound, as well some exciting entertainment tv program, for kids in backyards, kindergarten, water parks and amusement parks. 

Inflatable obstacle courses for sale

Inflatable obstacles manufacturers

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