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Inflatable Tents

Inflatable Tents

Find Inflatable Tent, inflatable camping tentsinflatable tents camping, inflatable shelter, inflatable dome tents, Bubble Tent with TOP INFLATABLE INC, the biggest manufacturer in China!


Inflatable Tents is widely used in many different areas such as expo, sporting events, occasional outdoor promotions, and parties.

Over 16 years' experience in inflatables, Top Inflatable Inc. have manufactured various of inflatable tents, air tight tents and folding tents, to be specific, there are those different types of tents such as popular bubble inflatable tents, camping tents, medical tents, shelter tents, pop-up tents and so on. We have also manufactured lots of inflatable tents according to customers' requirements.

Top Brand Inflatable Tents are widely used because of it's properties of advertising, light-weight and plug-and-play use, which is quite special in many different fields, indoor or outdoor. It's easy and fast to inflate and deflate. After packing, depending on different sizes, but in general it's around 200kg weight, easier to transport.

Use Top Brand Inflatable Tents, Build An Attractive Site.

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